April 2019 KHSSL Update

Hello KHSSL members and friends!


At this link please find the Summary of Discussion from the Board meeting in Louisville April 13.   The agenda was quite long, so many items were tabled to the follow-up meeting, which will be held in Murray June 1.


Among the highlights of the April 13 meeting:


* A revision to the 1/100 rule in Speech events plus a guideline system for how to award ratings points at tournaments. See the revised points document we passed at the link.


* The State Debate tournament is now open to all grades, not just Senior High. This also means that anyone who has competed in Debate in a prior year (no matter what grade) will be ineligible to compete in Novice Debate. The Board is hopeful this will not only encourage more participation in Debate at the state tournament but also settle any questions about who’s a Novice and who isn’t.


* The Board is pursuing how to become a 501c3 organization plus what is involved in hiring an employee with possible action on these taken at next meeting.


A draft of next year’s tournament schedule is posted on the KHSSL website and will be updated as members suggest other dates (Bardstown High School has moved its date from November to January already in the two weeks since the Board meeting). We are still working on setting dates for Senior Debate and Senior Speech, and we welcome tournaments being added to the calendar, so if you have ever thought about hosting one, the Board promises to provide you help to do so.


I’m also linking the plus the next meeting agenda. If you have other items the Board needs to address, please email khsslboard@gmail.com by Memorial Day.


I wish everyone a great end to the school year. May the Words be with you!


Yours —


Steve Meadows, on behalf of the Kentucky High School Speech League Board of Directors

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KHSSL Senior (Speech & Debate) Results

Congratulations to our state Debate tournament award winners!
1st   Henry Clay
2nd  Dunbar
3rd  duPont Manual
4th  North Oldham
5th  Trinity
6th  Ryle
Congratulations to our state Senior Speech tournament award winners!
1st   Danville
2nd  Dunbar
3rd  Rowan County
4th  Cooper
5th  Bethlehem
6th  Henry Clay
7th  Murray
8th  Boone County
9th  Bowling Green
10th Knott County Central
Sustained Excellence Trophy:  Henry Clay
Debate Coach of the Year:  Amy Zuccaro, Trinity
Speech Coach of the Year:  Katey Blood, Cooper
Blyton Book Award:  Carly Crawford, Assumption
Blyton Scholarship: Zach Martin, Bowling Green
Awards of Distinction:
Calloway County
Daviess County
Kentucky Country Day
We also inducted Rachel Page (Ryle) and Molly Seifert (Beechwood) into the KHSSL Hall of Fame. 
Bravo bravo bravo!!!
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KHSSL Junior Results!

We had a GREAT KHSSL Junior State Speech Tournament Friday and Saturday. Congratulations to all these fine award winners:


1st       SCAPA, Bluegrass

2nd     Hindman Elementary

3rd     Calloway County Middle

4th     Bowling Green Junior High

5th     Gray Middle

6th     Kentucky Country Day School

7th     Murray Middle

8th     Paducah Middle

9th     Beechwood Elementary

10th    Highlands Middle



East Hardin Middle

Jones Fork Elementary

Martha Jane Potter Elementary

Robinson Elementary

Woodland Middle


SUSTAINED EXCELLENCE TROPHY:  Calloway County Middle School

COACH OF THE YEAR: Rachel Retherford, Woodland Middle School

BLYTON BOOK AWARD:  Emaan Sayied, Kentucky Country Day

We also inducted Chuck Stamper (Johnson County schools, etc.) and Mary Allen (Hindman Elementary) into the KHSSL Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all!

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The Kentucky High School Speech League’s state speech tournament for middle schools is being held on the campus of the University of Kentucky March 1 and 2, 2019.

All tournament information is at the Tabroom site for the contest, http://www.khssljr.tabroom.com. May the words be with our junior speakers!

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Regional Tournament results announced

Seven KHSSL Regions held Senior and Junior division speech tournaments on February 2 and February 9. Congratulations to the top three teams in each Region!
Appalachian Region — Junior Division
1st  Carr Creek Elementary
2nd Martha Jane Potter Elementary
3rd  Jones Fork Elementary
Appalachian Region — Senior Division
1st   Rowan County
2nd  Johnson Central
3rd   Letcher Central
Bluegrass Region — Junior Division
1st  SCAPA
2nd  Boyle County Middle
3rd   Tates Creek Middle
Bluegrass Region — Senior Division
1st   Danville
2nd  Lexington Dunbar
3rd  Lexington Henry Clay
Bowling Green Region — Junior Division
1st    Bowling Green
2nd   Drakes Creek
3rd    Rockfield
Bowling Green Region — Senior Division
1st    Bowling Green
2nd   Daviess Co.
3rd    Greenwood
Louisville Region — Junior Division
1st    Hebron
2nd   Kentucky Country Day
3rd    LaRue Co.
Louisiville Region — Senior Division
1st    Assumption
2nd   Bethlehem
3rd    Bardstown (Bardstown had greater number of ranks of one in a tie with LaRue Co.)
Murray Region — Junior Division
1st   Calloway Co.
2nd  Murray
3rd.  Paducah
Murray Region — Senior Division
1st   Murray
2nd  Paducah Tilghman
3rd   Calloway Co.
(Calloway had the greatest number of ranks of one in a three-way tie with Graves Co. and Marshall Co.)
Northern Region — Junior Division
1st    Gray
2nd   Turkey Foot
3rd    Beechwood (Beechwood had the greater number of ranks of one in a tie with Highlands)
Northern Region — Senior Division
1st    Cooper
2nd   Boone Co.
3rd    Ryle
Upper Kentucky River Region — Senior Division 
1st    Knott Central
2nd   Hazard
3rd   Oneida Baptist
Upper Ky River Region — Junior Division
1st  Hindman Elementary
2nd Hazard Middle
3rd  Robinson Elementary
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Blyton Information Online

Applications and deadlines are now posted for the 2019 Blyton Book Awards (Senior and Junior divisions) plus the Blyton Scholarships (Senior division). Browse here for a direct link to the page.

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December tournament deadlines approaching

Just a quick reminder for everyone that the registration deadlines for December tournaments sponsored by KHSSL schools or WKU or Wyatt are approaching soon — even today! Time zones go with the host school’s time zone. Enter early whenever you can!


Dec. 1 Patriot Classic @ Knott Central                               DEADLINE 6 PM 11/28

Dec. 1 Murray HS                                                                   DEADLINE 4 PM 11/26

Dec. 1 WKU                                                                              DEADLINE 4 PM 11/27

Dec. 8 Calloway Co.                                                                DEADLINE 4:30 PM 12/6

Dec. 15 Bowling Green @ Franklin-Simpson                    DEADLINE 4 PM 12/12


Dec. 1 Boone Co.                                                                     DEADLINE 4 PM 11/28

Dec. 1 Calloway Co.                                                               DEADLINE 5 PM 11/28

Dec. 1 Wyatt Debate @ Trinity                                            DEADLINE 5 PM 11/28

Dec. 8 WKU                                                                             DEADLINE 4 PM 12/4

Dec. 15 Bowling Green @ Franklin-Simpson                  DEADLINE 4 PM 12/12

Dec. 15 Dixie Heights                                                            DEADLINE 5 PM 12/12

                                                                                                    (updated – – was 12/9)


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