2018 Blyton Book Awards

Blyton Book Awards are presented annually to two outstanding KHSSL students — one from the Junior Division and one from the Senior Division. The awards are named for Dr. Gifford Blyton, former director of KHSSL.

For a student to be eligible for this award, he/she must have (1) competed in KHSSL for at least two years, (2) proved to be superior in more than one KHSSL event (which, in the Senior Division, includes both speech and debate), and (3) promoted speech, drama, and/or debate activities within his/her school, community, and state.

To be considered for the award, a student must be nominated by his/her coach. The coach must complete a nomination form (found on the League website) and forward it, along with a personal letter of reference, to the KHSSL Board of Directors at daniel.hamm@ahsrockets.org. If necessary, additional pages may be used to detail only those activities mentioned on the nomination form. No pictures, transcripts, or grades may be included, nor should they be made reference to.

The nomination form must be submitted by 1 March 2018.  Please send the nomination form in electronically (only) in WORD or PDF format ONLY.  Include the Nominee’s name in the file name.

The recipient of this award in each division will be chosen by an impartial panel selected by the Board of Directors with the award presented at the State Championship Tournament. The coaches of the winners will be notified prior to the tournaments.



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