Each ballot pack contains a rules/judge info cover-sheet, a guide sheet on how to assign ratings to ranks for judges, and 7 ballots.  To personalize the ballots for your tournament, please edit the Header on page 3 — it will change the header on all subsequent pages.  Then print and copy — collated, 1 staple — and you have your ballots ready to go for each room!


For debate ballots, schools are encouraged to use the ballots published by the National Speech and Debate Association.

Congressional Debate — Speech Evaluation and Presiding Officer Evaluation

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Policy Debate

Public Forum Debate

Note that the PFD ballot at the link above is for the “regular” rules, not the “pilot” rules KHSSL has adopted for 2019-2020. As soon as NSDA posts a “pilot rules” ballot, that ballot will be linked; coaches will be notified by email.





17 Responses to Ballots

  1. Katy says:

    Where can I find ballots? 🙂

  2. Smeadows says:

    Can you post them online? Lots of us use those in practice, etc.

  3. Emily says:

    I’m also looking for ballots. Feel free to email them to me, but I agree that they would be helpful online! Thanks.

  4. rachel page says:

    Can you post the tournament report form?

  5. Ed Smith says:

    Can someone clarify the rules on Declamation, especially the thirty second limit on the introduction. The downloaded handbook has 2010 on the cover, so I’m not sure this thirty second rule is current. Last year, the junior league had a 45 second limit on the intro, but Robin Glascock said that that time limit on the intro of declamation had been removed a year or so ago, but never changed on ballots.

    Are there any other events that have a limit on the introduction? From a pedagogical standpoint, this rule makes no sense to me, but that’s another issue. Right now, just seeking clarity on if this rule still holds. If it doesn’t, will that be clear on the ballots.

    Also, in the interest of fair disclosure, I ask because a member of my family will be doing declamation at an upcoming tournament.

    • coachdeb8 says:

      The handbook at is the 2011 Handbook. The title page, in my download, says 2011.

      The ballots on the Handbook page have been changed to reflect rules changes made last June, OR which were made, I’m told, years ago, but never updated.

      If you are getting a handbook with 2010 on the cover, please let me know, because something really odd is going on. If you are using a site, then NOTHING there is official any more.

  6. Ed Smith says:

    Ok, the top of the pages in the actual document say 2010 handbook but the pdf document’s name is fall-2011etc. So that clears that up.

  7. Jeff Watkins says:

    We have a question regarding Declamation. My son is new to this event, and wants to do a speech by Napoleon Bonaparte that was his Farewell address…however, it is perhaps only a minute long, and I think he needs to target the 8 to 9 minute range. He found another Napoleon speech that he gave prior to going into Egypt, but if falls short time-wise as well. The rules states “The selection must be a self-contained unit” – could that be interpreted to include perhaps using BOTH of those speeches? For example, in the intro point out that he is delivering perhaps his speech meant to lead his men into his final battle, and then end with the speech that was his farewell, so as to get the total time up there into the 8-9 minute range? Thanks for your advice!

    • coachdeb8 says:

      It definitely has to be a single speech. I recognize the concern for time, but the actual rules say “a speech”–the section you were referring to is the “hints for judges” and the ‘self-contained unit’ description really applies when students cut a longer speech to fit in the 10 minutes.

  8. Jack Neel says:

    Are HI and DI replacing interp of lit as two subjects or just one?

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