2016 Regional/State Survey questions

Over the summer of 2016, League members were surveyed on the following questions; the vote is noted below.

Question 1:  Regional and State Tournaments

  • Senior Division only coaches:  Yes 26, No 5
  • Both Division coaches:  Yes 3, No 0
  • Junior Division coaches:  Yes 14, No 6

Regional Tournaments

  • The Prequalification system would be eliminated, as would, therefore, exemptions.
  • Each member school would be able to enter up to three contestants in each event at the Regional Tournament
  • The students entered at Regionals would be up to coach discretion
  • A school must participate in Regionals in order for the School to qualify for the State Speech Tournament
  • Individual students do not need to compete at Regionals in order to compete at State.
  • The League and Regional Managers would promote the Regional Tournament’s presence and importance

State Tournament

  • Each school has three entries in each event at the State Speech Tournament
  • No student may enter more than three events at the State Speech Tournament
  • All bona fide team members are eligible to compete at State
  • A bona fide team member is one who has (a) competed at the Regional tournament and/or (b) competed at two other tournaments during the current school year.
  • Schools would submit a roster of eligible students to the director
  • Coaches would register individual students for State roughly two weeks before state, but could substitute in other students, provided they are on the roster of bona fide team members.

Question 2:  Senior State Speech Quarterfinals

Senior Coaches–Yes 33, No 2

The Board is considering changing the State Speech Tournament’s elimination round structure.  Under the proposal, events with 48 or more entries would break to a Quarterfinal Round—4 sections of 6.

  • All events would then have a Semifinal Round (2 sections of 6), and a final round of 6.
  • Students from the same school would not be sectioned against each other in the Quarterfinal round only.  Semifinal sectioning is described below.
  • The quarterfinal round would be sectioned by a pure snake-pairing, then adjusted for any same-school pairing that occurred (as we’ve been doing).  Three competitors would advance out of each quarterfinal round into the Semifinal round.
  • Advancing competitors in Quarterfinal Section A would be paired with those from Quarterfinal Section D in Semifinal Section A.  Advancing competitors in Quarterfinal Section B would be paired with those from Quarterfinal Section C in Semifinal Section B.  (Quarterfinal A would contain the 1st place student out of prelims, B the 2nd place out of prelims, C the 3rd place, and D the 4th place).