Kentucky brews excellence in Milwaukee

Special congratulations to our state for outstanding performances at the NCFL Grand National Speech and Debate Tournament this past weekend in Milwaukee — an event in its 67th year with over 2000 entries who qualified from 66 local leagues and 524 high schools!  Kentucky’s delegation (via the Louisville Diocese) had an amazing showing with 16 breaks into awards rounds from approximately 240 entries in each event in prelims!
Kudos to these amazing competitors and their coaches:
SEMIFINALISTS (top 12 in Speech, top 48 in Congress):
Joseth Warner, Danville High School — Dramatic Performance
Hacker/Payton, Henry Clay High School — Duo Interpretation
Christian Butterfield, Bowling Green High School — Student Congress
QUARTERFINALISTS (top 24 in Speech):
Natalie Grubbs, Danville High School — Dramatic Performance
Riggs/Riggs, Bethlehem High School — Duo Interpretation
Marina Smart, Murray High School — Extemporaneous Speaking
Mark Ge, North Oldham High School — Extemporaneous Speaking
Jillian Donelson, North Oldham High School — Oral Interpretation
OCTOFINALISTS (top 48 in Speech):
Lauren Lucas, Danville High School — Declamation
Justin Witt, Hazard High School — Declamation
Maggie Qin, Rowan County High School — Declamation
Donson/Liu, Dunbar High School — Duo Interpretation
Carli Hall, Bardstown High School — Oral Interpretation
Jack Neel, Bethlehem High School — Oral Intepretation
Claire Strysick, Danville High School — Oratory
Parker Smith, Dunbar High School — Oratory
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