Team KY honors at UK tournament

Congrats to the following Team KY students who won awards at the University of Kentucky’s Season Opener this past weekend!

Program Oral Interp
2nd Addie Ann Cundiff – LaRue
5th Sophia Li – Henry Clay

2nd Maddie Woodrum – Bowling Green

4th Stefani Giles – LaRue
5th Caili Harris – Henry Clay
6th Cassandra Wiley – LaRue

6th Sophia Li – Henry Clay

Dramatic Interp
2nd Kirsten Couly – Henry Clay
5th Emma Lauritzen – Henry Clay

Humorous Interp
6th Alyssa Payton – Henry Clay

Congress Supers
Chris Beebout – Henry Clay
Ethan Wallace – Henry Clay
Maggie Mitchell – DuPont Manual

JVPF Speaker Awards
3rd Tag Howard – Henry Clay
8th Jasir Rahman – Henry Clay

Junior Varsity PF Semis
Howard/Rahman – Henry Clay
Gottesman/Merritt – Henry Clay

Varsity PF Triples
Srivastava/Polepalli – DuPont Manual
Cao/Raj – DuPont Manual
Clark/Lofwall – Henry Clay

Varsity LD Speaker Award
7th Place Jennifer Xu – DuPont Manual

Varsity LD Quarters
Hassan Kashif – North Oldham

Varsity LD Semis
Jennifer Xu – DuPont Manual
Chandu Kona – North Oldham

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