KHSSL Junior Semifinalists published!

Semifinal pairings have been published on the KHSSL Tabroom site. Look for the Pairings tab.

Only contestant numbers and room numbers have been released. All judges are expected to report to the ballot table in Gatton at 8 AM to pick up their rounds. They’ll find out then what and when they are judging at 8 AM by showing up at the ballot table. ‘

Extemp draw at 8 AM Funkhouser 200.

8:30 Semifinals: Duo Acting, Extemp, Poetry, Prose, Solo Acting, Storytelling

Broadcast draw at 10 AM Funkhouser 200.

10:30 Semifinalsl: Broadcast, Declamation, HIDI, Impromptu, Improv Duo, Oratory

All finals at 1:30 PM with draws at 1 PM in Funkhouser 200.

Postings will be in Gatton sometime around 1 PMish.

Finals in Memorial Hall at 4, hopefully earlier.

Get some rest and congratulations to all our state semifinalists!

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