Parking Information for ALL STATE TOURNAMENTS:

Every day: Debate / Senior Speech / Junior Speech
Buses should drop off students at Wildcat Plaza, which is a drop-off loop on the Avenue of Champions (big wildcat statue, across the street from Memorial Coliseum, near student center and art museum) for all days and all tournaments. This is by far the best place to drop off and pick up students. There is no street number for this loop. The best Google Map search is just for Memorial Coliseum on Avenue of Champions. The loop is literally on the opposite side of the avenue from the front doors of Memorial.

Thursday of state debate, Friday of both state speech tournaments:
After dropping off students, buses should go to the Purple lot near Kroger Field. This is on Wildcat Court behind the Softball Stadium / Soccer Field.
Saturday of both state speech tournaments:
Buses can park closer in the C9 lot: 110 Scott Street.

Every day: Debate/Senior Speech/Junior Speech
Cars can park in Parking Structure 5 between Upper and Limestone. 574 S. Upper Street.
This structure is a pay by the hour structure on weekdays, free on Saturdays.
The cost of parking is $2.00 per hour with a $16.00 per exit maximum on weekdays.

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