Regionals This Weekend


Please be on the lookout for emails from your regional managers with information and procedures for the upcoming regional tournaments on Saturday.  Please pay careful attention to any instructions regarding student exemptions for the State tournament in March.  Here are a few quick-hitting reminders:

  1.  Your regional roster and your state roster DO NOT have to include the same students or even the same events.
  2. Your state roster cannot be LARGER than your regional entry.  So if you have 20 entries at regionals, you will have a maximum of 20 entries at state.  You may distribute those 20 entries in any events and to any eligible students as you see fit.
  3. Students are eligible for state if they have attended at least two KHSSL sanctioned invitationals as vouched for by their coach OR attend regionals.
  4. If you need an exemption for state participation based on #3 above, be sure you have emailed that need to the KHSSL Board chairman, Daniel Hamm at, and that you have copied the email to your regional manager.  Check with your region board representative if you are not certain who the regional manager is.
  5. Checks for entries should be made out to KHSSL.  Payments for drops will be made to the host school of the tournament.  Please bring cash or checks to pay for any drops of students or judges.

Information regarding specifics for the state tournaments will be coming soon.  Best of luck to all teams and competitors this weekend!!

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