Congrats for Advancing

We have some other fine folks from Team Kentucky to recognize–all helping Henry Clay win sweeps at Gatlinburg!



  • After-Dinner Speaking:  Irish Jenkins and Alex Welch
  • Declamation:  Maddie Butler, Caili Harris, and Sophia Li
  • DI:  Irish Jenkins, Elizabeth Salamanca, Cooper Boss, and Jillian Nichols
  • HI:  Cas Young, Elizabeth Salamanca, Rachael Gilbert, and Sarah Belin
  • Impromptu:  Zach Sippy and Evan Hays
  • Improv Duo:  Jade Kropp and Elizabeth Salamanca, Taylor Smith& Aditi Lohe, and Alyssa Payton & Abby Burns
  • Poetry:  Caili Harris
  • Prose:  Abby Burns and Elizabeth Salamanca


  • Duet Acting:  Emma Bellomy & Cooper Boss and Alex Welch & Rebekah George
  • Duo Interp:  Emma Bellomy & Cooper Boss and Zaynab Khan & Jade Kropp
  • Extemp:  Young-Kyung Kim, Henry Walther, and Evan Hays
  • HI:  Alyssa Payton
  • Impromptu:  Shelby Amato
  • Informative Speaking:  Hye Jee Kim and Irish Jenkins
  • Poetry:  Paige Barricklow
  • Prose:  Paige Barricklow
  • Radio:  Will Merritt and Tyler Gorman
  • Storytelling:  Jade Kropp and Cas Young


  • Octofinalists (round of 16):  Valerie Pallos & Rebekah George and Michael Hawse & Zaynab Khan
  • Quarterfinalists:  Spencer Parsons & Henry Walther, Anya Slepyan & Evan Hays, and Shelby Amato & Amanda Byerman
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