Senior Speech Schedule (Revised)

Bus Dropoff/Pickup is on Administration Drive, in front of Main Building.

On Friday, you should plan on parking cars in Structure 5 (the “South Limestone” garage; we will have the gates open until midnight so if you depart after 6 (which you should do), you will have free parking.

E Lots for Saturday can be found off of Scott, Colfax, and Prall Streets, as well as in front of and behind Funkhouser Building; all of these are convenient walks from Memorial Hall, where we’ll have our Awards Ceremony.

Extemp Prep for the Tournament is in Gatton College (BE) 399.

BRD Prep for Round III is in BE 391.  BRD Prep for Quarters/Semis/Finals is in BE 399.

FRIDAY10 March

11 am – 1245:  Registration, Gatton College of Business and Economics.  We will have Gatton (BE) Room 111 open to us from noon on.  This auditorium is the designated student General Assembly space for the entire tournament. NEITHER FOOD NOR DRINK (EXCEPT WATER) IS PERMITTED.  PERIOD.  EXCLAMATION POINT.  

Lunch will be available both on-campus at Bowman’s Den and off-campus within walking distance.

Speech Rounds on Friday will take place in Gatton College (BE), Funkhouser (FB), Anderson Tower (FPAT), Ralph Anderson (RGAN), White Hall (CB), Patterson Office Tower (POT), Little Library (LCLI), Chem-Phys (CP), Grehan (EGJ), Barker Hall (BH), Taylor Education Building (TEB), and Dickey Hall (DH)

  • 115 pm:  Opening Meeting for Students (BE 111) and Judges (BE 307)
  • 130 pm:  EX Prep in BE 399
  • 2 pm:  Round I (some events may start at 3 pm; DE and TE competitors MUST go to other events first
  • 4 pm:  EX Prep in BE 399
  • 430 pm:  Round II
  • 630 pm:  EX Prep in BE 399; BRD Prep in BE 391
  • 7 pm:  Round III

SATURDAY, 11 March 2017

Speech Rounds on Saturday will be in Gatton College (BE), Anderson Tower (FPAT), Ralph Anderson (RGAN), Grehan (EGJ), and White Hall (CB)

  • 730 am:  Judge Call, BE 307
  • 730 am:  EX and BRD Prep in BE 399
  • 8 am:  Quarterfinals in BRD, EX, IP2, POI, PRO; Semifinals in DUO, HI, INFO, OO
  • 930 am:  BRD Prep in BE 399
  • 10 am:  Quarterfinals in DEC, DI, IMP, POE, STO; Semifinals in BRD, IP2, POI
  • 1130 am:  EX Prep in BE 399
  • Noon:  Semifinals in DEC, DI, EX, IMP, POE, PRO; Finals in DUO, HI, INFO, OO
  • 130 pm:  EX and BRD Prep in BE 399
  • 2 pm:  Finals in BRD, DEC, DI, EX, IMP, IP2, POE, POI, PRO, STO
  • 430 pm:  Awards, Memorial Hall