Junior Speech Schedule (Revised)

REVISED 22 March 2017

This schedule was created from the junior logistics packet 1.1.  If you see a difference between the information here and the Logistics Packet, the packet wins.

The links below will take you to the Interactive UK map, and you will be able to get personalized directions from that map.

Bus Dropoff/Pickup is at the Singletary Center, on Rose Street

On Friday, you should plan on parking cars in Structure 5 (the “South Limestone” garage; the gates will be open until after 10 pm.

E Lots for Saturday can be found off of Scott, Colfax, and Prall Streets, as well as in front of and behind Funkhouser Building; all of these are convenient walks from Memorial Hall, where we’ll have our Awards Ceremony.

EX and BRD Prep locations are TBA.

FRIDAY, 24 March

11 am – 1245:  Registration, Singletary Center Recital Hall.  Please do NOT bring food to the Recital Hall.  If you arrive early, please register, get lunch, and take your students on a tour of campus to locate your competition spaces.  We will not be using Singletary Center after the Opening Ceremony.

On Friday, Round I Ballots will be distributed at the Singletary Center.  Return Round I Ballots and pick up Round II and III Ballots in Chem-Phys (CP) 153.

Lunch will be available both on-campus at Bowman’s Den and off-campus within walking distance.

Speech Rounds on Friday will take place in  Funkhouser (FB), Anderson Tower (FPAT), Ralph Anderson (RGAN), White Hall (CB), Patterson Office Tower (POT), Little Library (LCLI), Chem-Phys (CP), Grehan (EGJ), Barker Hall (BH), Taylor Education Building (TEB), and Dickey Hall (DH).

  • 115 pm:  Opening Meeting for Students, Singletary Recital Hall
  • 130 pm:  EX Prep in Chem-Phys (CP) 320
  • 130 pm:  Opening Meeting for Judges, Singletary Recital Hall
  • 2 pm:  Round I (some events may start at 3 pm; DE and TE competitors in the 3 pm Flight MUST go to other events first)–Lag events are Duo Acting, Impromptu, and Oratory.
  • 3 pm:  Student Lounge in Chem-Phys (CP) 139 open through 915 pm
  • 4 pm:  EX Prep in CP 320
  • 410 pm:  Judge Call in CP 153
  • 430 pm:  Round II
  • 630 pm:  EX and BRD Prep in CP 320
  • 640 pm:  Judge Call in CP 153
  • 7 pm:  Round III

SATURDAY, 25 March 2017

Speech Rounds on Saturday will be in Anderson Tower (FPAT), Funkhouser (FB), Little Library (LCLI),  Grehan (EGJ), and White Hall (CB).  Ballot Distribution and Return will be in FB 200.

Students are invited to lounge in Bowman’s Den; Finals Postings will be in Bowman’s Den and on tabroom.com

  • 730 am:  Judge Call in FB 200
  • 730 am:  EX and BRD Prep in FB 313
  • 8 am: Semifinals Group A (Events TBA)
  • 945 am:  Judge Call in FB 200
  • 10 am:  Semifinals Group B (Events TBA)
  • Noon:  EX and BRD Prep in FB 313
  • Noon:  Judge Call in FB 200
  • 1230 pm:  FINALS
  • 330 pm:  Awards in Memorial Hall