Debate Schedule (updated)

Full details on food will be released separately, but Bowman’s Den is right in the middle of Debate-Land on Thursday.

Bus Dropoff should be in the drive outside of Singletary Center.

Judges should be in the Judge’s Room fifteen minutes before a round starts.

All Congress Sessions and Policy Debate Rounds will be in Little Library (LCLI).  LD and PF will be in Patterson Hall, Blazer Dining Hall (BLD), Little Library,  Gatton College (BE), Funkhouser (FB), and Grehan (EGJ).

THURSDAY, 9 March 2017

  • 9 – 10 am–Registration, Patterson Hall (PAHA) 118.  That room is also the Judges’ Lounge until 330.
  • 1030 am–LD Round I; Policy Round I; Congress Session I begins
  • 1130 am–PF Round I
  • 1230 pm–LD Round II; Congress Session I ends
  • 130 pm–PF Round II; Congress Session II begins
  • 230 pm–LD Round III; Policy Round II
  • 330 pm–PF Round III; Congress Session II ends

At this time, the Tournament HQ will move to White Hall (CB).  The Judges’ Lounge is CB 219; Students may lounge in CB 231.

  • 430 pm–Congress Session III begins
  • 445 pm–LD and PF Round IV
  • 615 pm–Policy Round III
  • 630 pm–LD and PF Round V; Congress Session III ends
  • 8 pm–LD and PF Run-off rounds as needed


Elimination Rounds:  White Hall, Little Library, and Gatton College

  • 730:  Rounds Posted and Judge Call
  • 800:  1st elimination round; Policy Round IV
  • 800 – 11:  Congress Supersession (Little Library Niles Gallery)
  • 915:  2nd elimination round
  • 10 am:  Policy Round V
  • 1030:  3rd elimination round
  • Noon:  Debate Awards (White Hall 106)