2015-2016 Handbook is posted

The Handbook is now available for download, and is also linked on the “Directory, Handbook, and Ballots” page.

The following is a summary of rules changes in this year’s handbook.  The full text of the changes are in red, bold, underlined type in the Handbook.

  1. The handbook includes several new sections, including sections on timesignals, sources, and debate evidence; the table of contents also includes sections dividing Speech events by division.
  2. We have a set of timesignals which students, coaches and judges should learn and use. Time signals may be requested in all events, and are required in Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu, and Improv. Duo.
  3. The rule on sources for pieces has been given its own section, rather than being repeated multiple times; it is included by reference in all events concerned.
  4. It is now clear that students may time themselves in Broadcast Announcing.
  5. Declamation is available to all Junior Division competitors and Senior Division 9th and 10th graders only.
  6. In Poetry, Prose, and POI, the rule on movement has been changed to allow upper body movement, as well as bending and weight shifts in the lower body. Walking-about and pivoting are prohibited.
  7. In Debate, evidence must follow NSDA rules for the current year, as a general rule. Automatic disqualification is not required, however, and some minor procedural differences exist.
  8. Congress parliamentarians and judges may be from the same school as competitors in the chamber; but no more than one judge/parli per chamber may be from the same school.
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