More on Buildings

Barring changes, we’ll be using the following buildings for the noted events on Friday.  All rounds on Saturday are in the Student Center or White Hall.

Round I, Flight A

  • Declamation—White Hall (CB)
  • Extemp.—Student Center (Extemp. Prep for the entire tournament is in Rasdall Gallery, Student Center)
  • Impromptu—Little (LCLI) 1st/2nd Floor in the Library
  • Improv. Duo—White Hall (CB)
  • Poetry—White Hall (CB) and Patterson Office Tower (POT)
  • Public Speaking—Student Center

Round I, Flight B

  • Broadcast Announcing—Little (LCLI)—100 and 200 level rooms in Library; 300 on 3rd floor
  • Duo Acting—White Hall (CB)
  • Interp of Lit—White Hall (CB)
  • Prose—White Hall (CB)
  • Solo Acting—Student Center
  • Story Telling— White Hall (CB) and Patterson Office Tower (POT)

Rounds II and III

  • Broadcast Announcing—White Hall (CB); Prep Room for Round III, Semis and Finals is in White Hall (CB) Room 334
  • Declamation—All rounds in Anderson Tower
  • Duo Acting—Rounds in Grehan (EGJ) and White Hall (CB)
  • Extemporaneous—Student Center
  • Impromptu—Little (LCLI)—3rd Floor only
  • Improv. Duo– White Hall (CB)
  • Interpretation of Literature—Patterson Office Tower (POT)
  • Poetry—White Hall (CB)
  • Prose—White Hall (CB)
  • Public Speaking—All rounds in Gatton (BE)
  • Solo Acting—Student Center
  • Storytelling—All rounds in Gatton (BE)



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