WELCOME TO 2013-2014

Greetings from Lexington to everyone in the KHSSL family!  Over the next few days, I’ll post a fair amount of information, but this post should serve to get us started.

As I indicated yesterday, registration emails went out to last year’s coaches; if your school has a new coach, please have the old coach forward that email if that person is still with the district.

If not, please use the new school registration form which is linked on the 2013-2014 League Membership and Registration page.  The form is a Word document with fields you can fill-in, and a page to use as the invoice for payment.

I have also updated the Handbook for 2013-2014, reflecting changes the Board of Directors made at the June Board meeting.

The following changes are worthy of note:

  • Impromptu is now a Junior Division event also–time is 5 minutes for Junior.
  • Regional and State entry fees have been increased slightly for 2014 and 2015.
  • Some procedural rules have been modified.
  • Debaters will only be able to enter ONE debate event at State:  LD, PF, CX, or Congressional Debate.
  • The State qualifying rules have been clarified to note that ‘7’ is the magic number–a cumulative score of 7 or less, or competing in an event of 7 or fewer competitors, both serve to qualify a student for State; students prequalifying make it to State by competing at Regional, as always.
  • Tournaments with 12 or more bona fide competitors in an event prequalify ALL finalists, not just six.
  • Tabulation at State will involve truncation of scores to the size of the smallest section.



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