Schedules for both the Senior and Junior Speech tournaments are posted under the STATE TOURNAMENT PAGE.  The schedule is available both by webpage and downloadable pdf file.  Any changes will be announced.

The schedule was developed under the following constraints:

  • We start with 150 or so rooms available to us.
  • We lose 35 spaces in White Hall Classroom Building at 3 pm.
  • We lose an additional 11 spaces in Lafferty and Little Library at 5 pm.
  • I wanted to send only Senior Division Students across South Upper and South Limestone Streets to Dickey Hall and Taylor Ed. Building.
  • I wanted us to be out of Dickey Hall and Taylor Ed. Building after the 6 pm round.
  • I wanted to make sure that Events with semifinals at 8 am were over at 730 pm
  • I wanted to make sure that the Junior Division was as compact as possible.

These constraints contain many built in contradictions.  Because of the loss of 44 spaces, we could not keep Junior largely in White Hall.  But overall, I was able after 16 hours of staring at a spreadsheet to make this happen.  Please note that Senior Humorous Interpretation Round III is flighted–some will compete at 6 and others at 730.

This schedule is not perfect.  Given the physical constraints, perfection was impossible.  I do not intend to run Junior and Senior together again until the next year in which the NCAA holds Rounds 2 & 3 of the Men’s Tournament at Rupp Arena–and that’s not yet planned, so …..

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6 Responses to Schedules

  1. Hamm, Daniel says:

    Are the draw times for extemp and broadcasting included in the times listed for the flights in which they occur?

    Daniel L. Hamm
    Rosecast Adviser
    Speech Team Coach
    Communications / Social Studies Teacher
    Assumption High School
    2170 Tyler Lane
    Louisville, KY 40205
    Phone 502-458-9551
    Please be part of our green efforts and consider the environment before printing.

  2. The Man Upstairs says:

    Could you post the schedule for the Debate tournament too?

  3. The Man Upstairs says:

    That’s not really helpful when arranging schedules for drivers from out of town, so if you could give us times for Congress at least?

    • coachdeb8 says:

      The overall schedule has been posted on the website for some time. ROund specific information will be forthcoming today as soon as I get this Flight done.

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