Looking Ahead

OK, I know we’ve not even held State yet, but …

You know me…

1.  I was part of a small, on-line group tonight learning about the on-line debate (and soon-to-be speech) capability the National Forensic League is working on making available to NFL schools and to others as we go forward.  The potential is really, really great–using video/audio, debaters (and speechies) can compete, and judges can judge, and coaches can coach.   I’ll be working to make sure this is something we can use, especially in regions with few and scattered debate and/or speech tournaments.  I’ll have more as we go along.

2.  I’m hoping, in August/September, to be in several parts of the Commonwealth for Coach/Student/Judge training sessions in the afternoon and evening.  For judges, these sessions will be part of the Judge Certification process I’m hoping to reestablish.  Look for more specifics in April, and I’m hoping I can come visit you in April to do  some planning.

3.  Remember to complete the survey and fill in the tournament request form sent to head coaches the other week.  If you’ve misplaced those links, please let me know.


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2 Responses to Looking Ahead

  1. Turner, Maria says:

    Two things. .. 1) Due to a scheduling conflict, I dropped myself as a judge for Central Hardin at state. Coach Hash still has a fill-in for himself on Saturday. Her name is Marquita Ball. It’s her 7th year judging, so she’s good to go. I will be on campus some time Saturday and will report as available in case you have some random little school who wants to leave and you need a fill-in. 2) I am retiring this year, but I would love to help with judge training if you need me. I will contact you after the KHSSL season ends with my new email address.

    Maria Turner

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