Regional Registration (Revised)

Please remember to register for your Regional tournament on  All tournament sites are up and running.

If at all possible, please bring your checks to your Regional manager on the day of the tournament.

To preserve a student’s prequalification for State, they must be registered for the Regional tournament, and entry fees must be paid–even if exempt.  All exemption requests need to come to the Executive Director and be supported by “good and sufficient” reasons.

Please note that students do not need to ‘qualify’ for the Regional tournament–student qualify for State through participation in the Regional tournament.  If you have slots available in an event, we’d love you to fill them!  Please also note that exemptions from Regional are not available to students who have not prequalified at a regular-season invitational.  They must compete at Regional to qualify for State.

KHSSL has no qualification requirement for debate entries at State; each school gets three entries per debate event (ten in Congressional Debate).  I am hoping to have a novice Public Forum division as well as Open Public Forum.  Please have your kids consider debate, too!

Look for the State Schedule in the next forty-eight hours, as well as hotel information.

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2 Responses to Regional Registration (Revised)

  1. Alicia Weber says:

    When will state information be posted?

    • coachdeb8 says:

      I fully expect tomorrow. I’ve been playing ringmaster coordinating the UK bureaucracy and some days it’s two steps forward and then one sideways. Hotel information will be up in the morning.

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