Carrying on, Kentucky style

Our Special Correspondent in George, Katy Blair Cecil, let us know that the following Speech competitors have advanced to tomorrow morning’s Tutorial sessions:

  • Brian Anderson–Extemp
  • Jack Graham–DI
  • Curtis Milby–HI
  • Tyler Whitehouse–HI
  • Brian Anderson–Poetry/Prose
  • Adnan Toric–LD

Go, Team Kentucky!

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2 Responses to Carrying on, Kentucky style

  1. Allender, Gary says:

    What are “Tutorial Sessions?”

    Gary W. Allender Speech Coach Bardstown High School H 502-348-6792 C 502-249-1250 ________________________________

    • coachdeb8 says:

      Apparently, interscholastic contests are not allowed on Sunday by state law. So…rounds on Sunday at the Barkley Forum are called “Tutorials” or “Demonstrations” or “Exhibitions”, observed by “Professors”. 🙂

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