Board Meeting

Hi, all,

I’ll be getting the minutes posted in a week or so, but here’s the skinny from the September Board meeting.

1. NO ACTION was taken on the changes proposed to the Regional and State Tournaments. The Prequalification procedures from last year are in place. Some registration procedures for both tournaments were changed (largely to move us into the 21st century with all-electronic registration rather than relying on the mails). See the 2012-2013 Handbook 1.1, which will be posted this morning.

2. Junior Impromptu and Expository Speaking will become KHSSL events for the 2103-2014 Season. No action was taken on After-Dinner Speaking. I’ll set up a page with those event descriptions if tournament hosts which to run exhibition rounds in any of those events.

3. The motion to limit Declamation in the Senior division was tabled.

4. It is very, very, very unlikely that any more new tournament requests will be granted for the 2012-13 season, although weather- and building-issue-postponements will of course be considered (the very first tournament I was going to host had to be canceled because the sewage pumps failed the day before the tournament).

5. While I’ll send out the procedures in the Spring, all tournament requests for the 2013-14 season will need to be submitted well before the June 28-29 Board meeting.

6. The Constitution was amended. See the 2012-2013 Handbook 1.1, which will be posted this morning.

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