Check in from Yale

Well, sadly, we’re out after Congress Semis and OO Quarters.  Congrats to Ben, Josi and Jackson for doing so well at Yale!

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3 Responses to Check in from Yale

  1. Allender, Gary says:

    Congrats CoachDeb8 and to each of your finalist.

    Gary W. Allender Speech Coach Bardstown High School H 502-348-6792 C 502-249-1250 ________________________________

  2. Stacy, Michelle says:

    Can you please change my e-mail to These are still coming to my Knott County account. Thanks!

    Michelle Stacy Special Education Teacher/Speech Coach Robinson Elementary 13150 Hwy 476 Ary, KY 41712 Phone: (606) 378-7761 Fax: (606) 378-4350 ________________________________

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