Board Meeting Highlights

Full details of these items, and others, will be posted soon.

Two wonderful people were admitted to the KHSSL Hall of Fame:  Mrs. Bruce Florence of Harrison County High School and Jill Shoulta of Kentucky Country Day Middle School.  They will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the State Championship Tournament in March.

The schedule for 2012-13 was approved.

The rules for Student Congress were clarified.

A great number of technical and wording changes to the Handbook were approved.  None of these significantly change events or contests, but were intended to clarify and tighten the Handbook, as well as remove some less-than-positive rhetoric.

The Improv. Duo rules were clarified to indicate that setting up table and chairs is part of preparation time.

The process by which Home Schools and Home School Associations become members of the League was firmed up.

The following items were tabled pending input from the membership of the League; a survey and full details of these proposals will be available by early-August, and the Board hopes to take these items up at a Board meeting to be held in conjunction with the SPEAK conference on 28 September:

    • A proposal to make Impromptu a Junior as well as Senior event
    • A proposal to add a new Senior Event, Expository Speaking
    • A proposal to add a new Senior Event, After-Dinner Speaking
    • A proposal to limit Declamation to 9th and 10th graders in the Senior Division as well as all members of the Junior Division.
    • A proposal to change the organization of the Regional and State Tournaments by, among other things,
        1. Making the Regionals open to unlimited entries in each Speech event from each school
        2. Allowing each school which participates at Regionals to enter three entries in each event at State; given students do NOT need to participate at Regionals in order to compete at State
        3. Eliminating the prequalification process—coaches will have discretion to name their school’s State roster

Violations of a grace period during Semi-final and Final rounds at State will no longer result in Disqualification, but the performer may not receive the ‘1’ in the Round.

The creation of the Modest Novice Lincoln Douglas debate program.  Each fall, novice LD debaters will debate the same topic from fall to fall, at all KHSSL invitationals between September and December holding Novice LD divisions.  The goal of this program is to provide an accessible topic for our novices, as well as helping programs by developing a group of debaters who will, within 1-2 years, be able to train future novices.  The topic is:  Civil Disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.



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2 Responses to Board Meeting Highlights

  1. Logan Scisco says:

    If KHSSL is going to open Regionals to unlimited entries and just allow coaches to name their students to state, then why have Regionals? The tournament is already a worthless exercise for lots of students, parents, judges, and some coaches. Eliminate Regionals, increase the state entry fee to make up for the loss of Regionals in terms of KHSSL revenue, and be done with it.

    • coachdeb8 says:

      While the full details will be out subsequently (and I think sooner rather than later), my understanding of the proposal is that it would strengthen both tournaments, by increasing the Regional identity (the Regional Champion!) as well as broaden the competition at State by ensuring smaller and/or newer schools to compete at State. In addition, a number of schools lost significant numbers of their competitors at Regionals because of district-mandated standardized testing, and that would be accounted for here (although that could be done in other ways). I’d love to have a free and open discussion as we get closer to the season, including your well-considered points.

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