Clearing in Baltimore

Congrats to the following folks from Kentucky who have cleared to elimination rounds at the NCFL Grand Nationals in Baltimore!


  • Helen Lee of Henry Clay HS
  • Ryan Nichols of Central Hardin
  • Sue Cook of Danville
  • Emma Jackson of Danville

Dramatic Performance

  • Drew Lane of Danville
  • Chandler Tomlinson of SKY Academy
  • Connor Moulton of Boone County

Duo Interpretation

  • Sarabeth Marlowe/John Thompson of Danville
  • Kara Masters/Clay Edwards of Boone County


  • Joe Weston of Danville

 Oral Interpretation

  • Lucy Easley of Assumption HS
  • Curtis Milby of LaRue County

Original Oratory

  • Jackson Sanders of Harrison County
  • Madeline Salinas of Danville
  • Nate Johnson of Danville
  • Chelsea Blair of LaRue County

Student Congress

  • James Reding of LaRue County
  • Josi Stidham of Hazard HS
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