State Tab Error

Owing to a tabulation error which was entirely my fault, two students who should have been announced as Semi-finalists in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate were not so named.

Congratulations, therefore, to Semifinalists Ian Robinson of Beechwood and Indigo Harris of James Graham Brown.

In addition, Ian should also have been named as 4th Speaker in VLD.

I deeply regret my error.

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2 Responses to State Tab Error

  1. Claire Laporte says:

    Sadly, you need a mathematician sitting at the table. Not only were these two not mentioned what you fail to understand is that they would have finaled and therefor could have won the entire debate. We will never know now will we? A couple of tin medals does not make up for the loss of the State award in my mind.

    • coachdeb8 says:

      I completely understand the ramifications of what happened, and I am sorry this happened. The ballot was entered into the computer in error, and the audit process did not catch it, and I am not sure why.

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