VLD and VPF Round 3 Debates

Because of multiple entry several VLD and VPF debates from Round III did not take place tonight–rather than have the debaters go until after 11 pm, they will debate instead at 8 am as follows:



  • Beechwood GD vs. Corbin KW, Colleen Davis judging, Office Tower 113.
  • Larry A. Ryle JL vs. Beechwood IR, Zac Newton judging, Office Tower 145


  • Beechwood CL vs. Kentucky Country Day SG, Terri Branson judging, White SB 306
  • Waggener HS vs. Paul Laurence Dunbar QD, Anderson Tower 267, Ryan Brown judging.

Please GO TO THE DEBATE ROUNDS FIRST THING.  THEY SHOULD START AT 8 AM SHARP .   Judges–ballots will be ready by 740.

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2 Responses to VLD and VPF Round 3 Debates

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s really unfortunate that we can’t tell our kids whether they made semifinals before they went to bed. Many of us have five, six, and seven hour drives tomorrow and would like our students to be able to pack and dress appropriately. There apparently was very poor planning on someone’s part. Competitors missed entire rounds, which was more than confusing for judges who had to walk to different buildings to find out if the students had dropped or were still in other rounds. Having students waiting up until 11 at night for results that aren’t going to be posted, before they have to be up at 5:30 or 6 in order to eat, get ready, and check out of the hotel, is a less than desirable situation. If the tournament is going to be held in Lexington in the future, I hope that these kinks are worked out so that the competition goes more smoothly.

    • coachdeb8 says:


      I recognize the schedule was not ideal, and I would have preferred to have started earlier if that had been possible. Because of the lateness of this year’s scheduling cycle it was not possible to run the tournament earlier in the day.

      Next year’s tournament will be much less compact, even with running the Junior tournament alongside the Senior one. And, trust me, I’m making notes as we go along!

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