Senior State T-2.1/Junior State T-10.1

Please do keep the rules comments coming in.  They will be very helpful for our Judges’ meetings.

I want to stress that it is expected that Judges will follow THIS YEAR’S RULES, not the rules from one, five, or twenty years ago; even if the ‘old rule’ was “better”, it’s NOT the rule for this year.  Please reinforce this with your judges.

One example of issues I’m hoping NOT to have:  Impromptu performer preps on a legal pad, but uses no notes at all during speech.  Judge marks competitor down for not prepping on 3×5 card, even though the rule clearly states:  Students may use multiple note cards and/or paper to plan speeches during the preparation time before speaking begins.


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2 Responses to Senior State T-2.1/Junior State T-10.1

  1. We’ve discussed, but a reminder, please address the judges who count broadcasters down for not having eye contact. We have run into this in 3 separate rounds this year. Thanks!

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