Senior State T-4.1

Hi, all,

1.  Look over the next 48 hours for oodles of information for this coming weekend.

2.  We will have a Judges’ Meeting at 230 pm on Friday.  It is my hope that ALL judges will be there, even the judges who have seen every round at every tournament at every school in every Region this summer (which would take, of course, some talent).  I want to make sure that we all are using the same set of rules for the State Championship Tournament.

To that end, if your students have received comments on ballots this year which seem to reflect a misunderstanding of a 2011-2012 rule or rules, please email me with those concerns for inclusion in the Judges’ meeting.

We will distribute Round I ballots from the location of the Judges’ Meeting in the Student Center.  Ballot drop-off and pick-up thereafter will be in White Hall Classroom Building.


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