Senior State T-14.2/Junior State T-22.2

I am trying to keep us to as few buildings as possible.  If you know the UK campus, we will DEFINITELY be in the Student Center, the White Hall Classroom Building, Gatton College of Business and Economics, and Patterson Office Tower (and since the POT is 18 stories tall, it’s difficult to miss).  The other buildings are all in the same general area.

Regardless, every student and judge will have a CLEAR map.  Students and Judges will have individual dance cards.

In addition, rounds will be announced through the website and therefore through our twitter account.  The website is linked to our Facebook page.  Students and coaches with smart phones are urged to set their phones to track one or more of those resources–as announcements WILL be made via the webpage and twitter.

It is my goal to have the DI, HI, and DUO semifinals run simultaneously at 8 or 830 on Saturday morning; if this goal can be reached, then these breaks at least will be announced Friday night.  I would ask coaches to have each DI, HI, and DUO team practice at least once in the largest room in your school, since those final rounds will be in Memorial Hall, which seats 700.  If we can possibly do it, I’ll make a ‘mike/space check’ possible before Finals start in Memorial Hall at around 1215 on Saturday.


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