Senior State T-17

Hi, all,

If you have not yet registered, please do so.  Remember that participation at Regionals was a commitment to participate at State, per the Handbook.

Please send copies of Oratories to me via email attachment at coachdeb8 AT gmail DOT com.  The Subject of the email should be: “OO <school name> <student name>”.   Your submission of them by this means constitutes your and your student’s required certification.

Please bring checks with you to State Registration on the 22nd (if you’re doing Congress) or the 23rd (if you’re just doing Speech & Debate).  Registration will be in the Student Center from 130-215 on the 23rd.  There will be a Judge meeting in the Student Center at 230 on the 23rd.

Because we are in a new location, each student and judge will receive an individual dance card and map.  In addition, all schematics will be posted on line.

I encourage everyone to think about entering at least one team in Public Forum or Lincoln Douglas (and we can use a few more Policy Debate teams, too!).  Public Forum, especially, should be accessible.

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