The Ballot packs for 2016-17 are linked at the League Information page.

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Handbook is up!

The Handbook is posted under the League Information tab above at

A few notes on the significant changes.

  1.  At the Senior State Speech Tournament, events with 48 or more entries will break to a Quarterfinal of 24, and then a semifinal of 12.  All other events will break to a semifinal of 12.
  2. Participation by a particular student at the Regional tournament is not a prerequisite for that student’s participation at State (in Speech).   A school may not have more overall entries at State than it did at Regionals, but the events and students may shift.
  3. All students at State Speech must have competed EITHER at the Regionals OR at two other tournaments.  There is a process for Exemption in the rare event of a team member who cannot for good and sufficient cause compete at Regionals (if a coach in their discretion so wishes to include that student on the Roster for State).
  4. Each school has up to 3 entries in each and every Speech event–but it does not need to take all three entries.
  5. Students may not compete at their own Invitational Speech Tournaments.

Please contact the Director at with any questions on the Handbook.

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Tournament Links

All tournaments currently open for registration are linked on the appropriate schedule pages.

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Schedule Pages

Each Division now had its own schedule page, connected with the “2016-2017” tab above. The page includes links to tournament registration sites; the page will be updated as new sites come on line.

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Contact Information update

Contact information for the Director and the Board have been updated.

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Board Action/Interim Handbook

  1.  The Board did not have a quorum at the meeting on the 10th.  The Board will be meeting, therefore, on 1 October to decide on Regionals, State Qualification, and Senior Quarterfinals, as well as any other items which properly come before it.
  2. I have uploaded an interim Handbook to the League Information page.  The handbook will be finalized after the Board meeting.
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2016-17 Registration

Registration for the upcoming season is now open.  All head coaches have been sent an email for registration; the information is also posted on the league website on the 2016-2017 Information and Registration page above.

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