Prequalifiers through Yesterday

Congratulations to everyone who’s prequalified for State through yesterday’s Invitational tournaments!

Each division has two prequalifier lists–one organized by tournament (in alphabetical order), and the other by school.

Events with twelve or more bona fide entries prequalified all finalists to State.  Events with up to eleven entries prequalified the Top Three.  Missing ranks were places taken by non-KHSSL school entries.

Owing to a clerical error, the Senior prequal lists have been corrected as of Sunday evening.

Senior Prequalifiers by Tournament

Senior Prequalifiers by School


Junior Prequalifiers by Tournament

Junior Prequalifiers by School

The prequalifier list will be updated every Sunday or Monday.

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Tournament Links

All tournament links through December are now active on the schedule pages.

  1.  The Hilltoppers at WKU both use Speechwire for registration.  It’s another tabulation site, and you’ll have to enter your participating team members and judges on that site, as well as on
  2. Gray Middle School is hosting on 12 December for the Junior Division, as construction at Woodland made a tournament impossible to hold.
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2015-2016 Ballots

The ballot packs for this year are now available.

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Schedule Update and Tournament Links

Hi, all,

An updated schedule, suitable for downloading, is posted on the Schedule Page.

In addition, if you go to the Senior and Junior Division Schedule and Links pages under that schedule page, you will seek links to tournaments with open registration sites. These links will be updated regularly.

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2015-2016 Handbook is posted

The Handbook is now available for download, and is also linked on the “Directory, Handbook, and Ballots” page.

The following is a summary of rules changes in this year’s handbook.  The full text of the changes are in red, bold, underlined type in the Handbook.

  1. The handbook includes several new sections, including sections on timesignals, sources, and debate evidence; the table of contents also includes sections dividing Speech events by division.
  2. We have a set of timesignals which students, coaches and judges should learn and use. Time signals may be requested in all events, and are required in Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu, and Improv. Duo.
  3. The rule on sources for pieces has been given its own section, rather than being repeated multiple times; it is included by reference in all events concerned.
  4. It is now clear that students may time themselves in Broadcast Announcing.
  5. Declamation is available to all Junior Division competitors and Senior Division 9th and 10th graders only.
  6. In Poetry, Prose, and POI, the rule on movement has been changed to allow upper body movement, as well as bending and weight shifts in the lower body. Walking-about and pivoting are prohibited.
  7. In Debate, evidence must follow NSDA rules for the current year, as a general rule. Automatic disqualification is not required, however, and some minor procedural differences exist.
  8. Congress parliamentarians and judges may be from the same school as competitors in the chamber; but no more than one judge/parli per chamber may be from the same school.
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Update from Yale

Our special correspondent in New Haven, CT, reports the following members of Team Kentucky have advanced at the Yale University Speech & Debate Tournament–everyone’s from Boone County HS:

  • Carson Kruml and Nathan Sundenga are Semifinalists in Duo Interpretation
  • Amanda Nelson is a Quarterfinalist in Humorous Interpretation


More updates in the morning.

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STATE 2016

I an pleased to announce the dates and tentative schedules for the three State Tournaments in 2016.

  • State Debate is set for 10-11 March 2016.
  • State Senior Speech is set for 11-12 March 2016.
  • State Junior Speech is set for 25-26 March 2016.

Tentative schedules are posted on the appropriate pages above.

Details will follow in due course.  Registration will open around 1 February, and will close on 29 February for Senior State Speech & Debate, and on 14 March for Junior Speech.

We have been given access to many new buildings at UK.  We thank everyone for their patience.

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